Website Info 

In the menu found near the top of each webpage is a link called "Keyword Galleries". These galleries contain photos selected from their original galleries according to keywords. They are automatically updated as new photos are uploaded. Click on the 'i' for photo information when searching for a link to the original gallery.

"Original Galleries" are the first stop for photos when they are uploaded to Don McLeod's Nature Blog. These galleries are organized by photo shoot date in order from more recent to oldest, and further organized in yearly folders. The gallery topics vary and can be viewed from the gallery title and description. The home page will also showcase a few of the most recent galleries.

Where is the Blog? Descriptions near the top of each gallery located within "Original Galleries" serve as mini blog posts. Many of the photos also have captions which augment the descriptions. More detailed blog articles appear as stories and can be found in the "Stories" page.

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